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Dawn Wesselman

Senior Accountant
Dawn WesselmanDawn Wesselman

Dawn is responsible for overseeing and maintaining accurate accounting of all financial records and books on a daily basis. Prior to joining Bradbury Companies, she served as an accounting manager for a commercial general contractor before running her own sewing business while raising her children. Dawn’s accounting experience provided her with valuable knowledge of the construction process, while owning her own business while raising children taught her how to manage her time and multi-task effectively.

When Bradbury Companies had an open accounting position, CFO Hugh Smith recruited Dawn. As she was just then at the point of looking for a new role, she was a perfect fit to join the Bradbury team. Dawn holds a BS in Accounting from Iowa State University, and she is an Iowa State fan to her core. In her free time, she enjoys hiking in the mountains whenever possible. But her favorite hobby is still sewing, which she was fortunate to turn into a successful business.